values mission statment

Taylor’s Property Services is committed to providing our clients with the highest possible level of service within the framework of their own policies and objectives. Our objective is to provide timely, workable, efficient and effective service solutions that exceeds our client’s expectations and earns their trust and respect through exceptional performance.We will accept our responsibility to give a positive lead in our area of influence, not only in the development of appropriate standards but in the subsequent delivery of those standards in a manner which truly reflects our commitment to excellence.

We will encourage ourselves and our staff to realize our full potential by providing the tools and training that are needed to ensure that those who depend on our skill and dedication to engage in their daily activities, can do so with peace of mind and safety.

We will actively promote our core values and encourage our employees to remain committed to a policy of continual improvement by regularly re-assessing our goals and by challenging and improving the way in which we conduct our business.

values vision

Our vision is to provide a fully integrated cleaning, property maintenance and security service to our clients and to develop each of these areas of expertise so that they can stand alone as a business and service entity.

To increase company turnover by setting achievable goals and to consolidate the resultant growth with management structures that are appropriate to each stage in its future development.


To act honestly and ethically in all our dealings with clients, colleagues and employees.
To be committed to self improvement.
To offer and be open to constructive criticism.
To be accountable to each other for our personal and group performance.
To be focused on professional excellence.
To be open, passionate, loyal and friendly.
To be uncompromising in performance and quality.